Brianna Lynn Maxwell is the six year old sister of fourteen year old Nikki Maxwell. Brianna drew a face on her hand and calls it Miss Penelope. Brianna is deathly afraid of the Tooth Fairy after Nikki tells her that the Tooth Fairy is mad at her for burrying her tooth in the backyard, so she will pull out all of her teeth and make dentures. Her Middle Name Was Mentoned In Skating Sensation.


Brianna is shown to have an angelic face and has everyone, especially her parents, think she is cute. But when Nikki chooses to follow the rules and make sure she doesn't cause problems and gets into trouble, she throws a hissy fit and says an excuse like: "But Miss Penelope needs to get coins so she can buy a unicorn so she can save Princess Sugar Plum" (from the time she and Nikki were at the mall waiting for their mom to come back from shopping). Miss Penelope is Brianna's hand created in the first book and is Brianna's best friends aka her crime in partner. She tends to believe things that are over-exaggerated. According to Nikki, Brianna has the attention span of a tater-tot. Brianna also has an IQ of a box of crayons like most six-year-olds. She also has tantrums when she is hungry. She is afraid that the Tooth fairy will pluck all of her teeth an use them to make dentures for old people. Nikki told her that she was in a big trouble with the fairy because she buried her front tooth in the backyard. She also likes to scare people with her purple spider-in-a-stick prank. Brianna thinks Mackenzie is the tooth fairy. Once she went on stage just to eat cakes, which turned out to be fake. Plus in book 6 she ends up becoming addicted to hair salons and calls herself "Miss Bri-Bri" hair fashionista star and pretends to give makeovers to "Sasha and Malia Obama" with an french assistant called Hans, whom she later fires. 


Brianna has short, auburn hair that she often wears in low pigtails. She has brown eyes like her sister, Nikki Maxwell. She is very qwerky personality, like Nikki's Mom.
Nikki L. Maxwell

Brianna L. Maxwell