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CCP Clique (which stands for "Cute Cool and Popular") (CCP also stands for "China Communist Party")

is the popular clique. Mackenzie Hollister is the leader and her friends are the other members.

Nikki's History with the CCP clique

Nikki has always wanted to join the clique, thus gaining popularity. However, Nikki's history with the CCPs were never really pleasant, starting with an incident with a cell phone. Her sworn enemy, Mackenzie Hollister leads the CCP clique, unfortunately.

Mackenzie has a locker next to Nikki. She constantly hangs with CCPs around Nikki's locker so Nikki has NO chance of coming to her locker. And when she speaks up, they gossip about her. Nikki and Mackenzie also have a crush the same boy, Brandon Roberts, which doesn't help their relationship.

In Book One, Nikki and Mackenzie's first real confrontation is when Mackenzie secretly switches Nikki's Swan Lake ballet CD for a gym project with a copy of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", landing Nikki a D. Still, the book ends with Nikki winning a big victory when she gets the first prize in her school's Avant Garde art competition, beating Mackenzie's fashion design entry. However, there are plenty of other little spats between the CCPs and Nikki, like when Jessica Hunter trips Nikki, splattering Nikki's lunch all over Nikki. Nikki manages to embarrass herself by her own in an occasion or two though, ripping open an invitation to Mackenzie's birthday party—an invitation that was supposed to be Jessica's.

The closest Nikki has ever gotten to becoming a CCP is in Book 1, where she draws temporary tattoos to earn books. The career was short-lived, because Nikki got too overwhelmed.

In book 2, she got kind of close, because she made the Halloween dance happen. So that's a score.

In book 7, she gets MEGA popular, because she gets her own TV show AND hangs out with Trevor Chase. But then she goes back to her old status. Although, she is half- famous, because she sold CDs (aka. hugs and kisses) in Swanky Hill resort.

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