• Nikki Maxwell - the main protagonist who is best friends with Chloe and Zoey. She  has a crush on Brandon Roberts and  is rivals with Mackenzie Hollister. She is considered a dork in the school she goes to, Westchester Country Day, and her dad is a bug exterminator. She has a younger sister Brianna Maxwell who often gets into trouble.
  • Mackenzie Hollister - the main antagonist. She's rivals with Nikki Maxwell and also has a crush on Brandon Roberts. She's a CCP and is best friends with Jessica. She does anything to get what she wants. She loves humiliating Nikki.
  • Chloe Garcia - Nikki's BFF. She is helpful and always there for Nikki. She loves romance and reads every romance book or magazine she can get.
  • Zoey Franklin - Also Nikki's BFF. She is a great friend and is always there for Nikki.
  • Brandon Roberts - Nikki's crush. He's nice to Nikki and is a photographer. He helps his grandparents at an animal shelter called Fuzzy Friends.
  • Brianna Maxwell - Nikki's younger sister. She could be pesty sometimes and often gets into trouble. Her friend is Miss Penelope, a character she made up and drew on her hand.