Chloe Christina Garcia is a main character in Dork Diaries. She is also Nikki and Zoey’s best friend. She is 14 years old (like Nikki and Zoey) and goes to Westchester Country Day along with her two best friends.


Chloe Christina Garcia is Nikki and Zoey’s best friend.Chloe works in the library with Nikki and Zoey and is an avid reader, particularly young adult romances. As a result, she is an expert on "guys and dating," according to Nikki. Her parents own a software company. She is labeled as being the "Fifth most unpopular girl" at Westchester Country Day. She(according to Nikki) read almost every single teen magazine and romance novel there ever is. She has a younger brother named Joey. She is Hispanic-American. Chloe often uses Spanish langauge, such as chica. She loves to dance and is very good at it, unlike Nikki but much like Zoey. Because of this reason, Mackenzie wants her and Zoey to join her talent show dance group, "Mac's Maniacs". 


Chloe has long light brown hair, a fringe and pale-ish skin. Chloe usually wears her hair out with a headband and wears stylish outfits and hoop earrings. No one knows where she got her clothes from, but of course, she didn't get it from Target. Or maybe she did, who knows.....


Chloe has a few friends at WCD Middle School. Chloe's friends include Nikki, Zoey and Brandon (partially, as Brandon is at a so-so standard with Nikki, as well). In book 3, she and Zoey are "friends" with MacKenzie for a short while when they join her dance group: "Mac's Maniacs", after she told Chloe and Zoey that Jason and Ryan had crushes on them. Later, after MacKenzie publicly humiliated Nikki by showing a video she'd made of Nikki dancing at Queasy Cheesy, Chloe and Zoey realized MacKenzie had lied to them, and left her dance group.


It is revealed in the first book, and brought up in books 2 and 3 that Chloe and Zoey both have crushes on Jason Feldman and Ryan Crenshaw. Their crushes on them end in book 3 when Matt (Jason and Ryan's friend) teased Nikki for MacKenzie's YouTube video of Nikki and Brianna singing at Queasy Cheesy. In the sixth book, it is also revealed that Chloe and Zoey have crushes on Marcus and Theo, and end up going to the Sweetheart dance with them!