Hailey Melcuore is one of the most popular girls at school and is also rumored to be one of the prettiest and nicest.


Hailey loves her friends and is closest to Avery, Madison, and Amelia who are among the most popular in school. She has an iphone5s and a closet filled with stunning clothes most girls dream of. Hailey plays softball, lacrosse, dance, and soccer and loves her family. She enjoys watching TV,(especially Beautlfull Betrayal)listening to music,(her itunes is stacked with songs and albums) shopping, hanging out with friends, sports, etc. She lives nearby Savannah and Zoey, two of her friends, who she enjoys going to their houses after school and hanging out.


Hailey Melcuore is known to have gorgeous long brown hair that she keeps straight. She is known to wear gorgeous clothes from numerous expensive brands and has three pairs of uggs. She has stunning blue green eyes.