MacKenzie Hollister is the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day Middle School. She is the richest girl at school and she ALWAYS looks like she came to school after a photo shoot at Teen 17.


Mackenzie evil eyeing Nikki


MacKenzie always stays mean. She NEVER acts nice, unless it's to get someone to do her "Evil Bidding". Mackenzie is described, by Nikki Maxwell, as a "Shark in Jimmy-Choo flip-flops, cherry lip gloss and sparkly pink nail polish". MacKenzie always threatens people by saying she will tell her Father and put stuff on the Web.


MacKenzie has really light, blonde hair and icy blue eyes, with a You-Pay-We-Spray tan (or at least thats what Nikki says) She always wear makeup and lip gloss to school, along with designer shoes and clothes. She is also described to have very long eyelashes.


MacKenzie and Nikki have one thing in common: Their crush. MacKenzie's crush is Brandon Roberts. This is first revealed in the first book. Her crush has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes.


MacKenzies's friends consist of Jessica, her ULTIMATE BFF, Chloe and Zoey, for sometime when they join Mac's Maniacs, Brandon, because she needs help with "Photography" and everybody else at school that's under her spell.