Nikki's Mom is one of the minor characters in the story. She, in Nikki's opinion, is "Brain Dead". She got Nikki a diary for her birthday when she asked for a phone. She has, never really, listened to what Nikki wants. Unless it upsets Nikki.


Mrs. Maxwell has a qwerky personality. She is almost ALWAYS perky. She loves baking and always has accients during Family Sharing Time. Some of those accidents include Mr. Maxwell getting stung by an angry hornets nest and Brianna crying. Mrs. Maxwell loves to bake things. She bakes Christmas cookies, chocolate, etc. Mrs. Maxwell, has a normal car, unlike her husband, who has a plastic, 12 ft. roach on top of his car. Mrs. Maxwell loves to try new things. For instance, she tried a new hygenetic facial mask, scared Mr. Maxwell.


Mrs. Maxwell has short, wavy brown hair. She is 5" 4, and she mostly sttays in her robe and slippers all night and morning. She puts on jeans and a T-shirt in the afternoon after she takes a shower.