Patrick Clark, AKA, Pat the Rat, is a student at WCD. He has a crush on Mackenzie who he starts to be mean to because a she insulted him in front of the whole school. Not a lot is known about him.

Although, it is known that after MacKenzie insulted him, he thrashed her locker with some other jocks.

What he looks like:

His estimated age group is 14-15. He wears expensive stuff, as in he has an expensive watch and designer jeans. His hair is described to be "flat-ironed". Just like MacKenzie, he has beady eyes (Nikki's words) and is heartless. He is a mean guy (aka. Bully). It kind of seems like MacKenzie and Pat are related, but they're not. In case you need the story, Pat likes MacKenzie, but then turns cold on her.