Sarah Grossman is a member of the CCP Clique. She was mentioned in the first book. She first appeared when Mackenzie gave an invitation to her. Sarah began to cry phony tears and hug Lisa Wang. Later in that book, she, Lisa, and Mackenzie did a routine ending with splits and cheesy smiles. She appears to have glasses, and short, wavy hair.


Since she is in the CCP clique, she is known to be friends with lots of people. MacKenzie and Lisa Wang were the only people mentioned as her friends.


Sarah was only mentioned in book 1, where she hangs out with MacKenzie (plus does a ballet routine with her) and phony hugs with Lisa Wang when they got an invitation to Mac's party. But there is a theory that she was also mentioned in book 3, because in Mac's Maniacs was a girl with cat-eye glasses and a curly bun. So that may or may not have been her.

What she looks like:

Sarah has shoulder length curly hair and wears cat-eye glasses. Since she is a CCP, she wears designer outfits. It is known she has hazel eyes.