Asian cartoon violet

Asian Cartoon Violet

Violet Baker is an unpopular girl at Nikki's school. She is close friends with Nikki. She is the most popular girl out of all the unpopular people.


Violet Baker is the least popular girl at Westchester Country Day, which is why she is called "the most popular of the unpopular". When she signs up to run for chairperson of WCD's halloween dance, she loses to MacKenzie Hollister and signs up for clean-up committee instead. When MacKenzie quit, Violet became head of the entertainment committee. She is said to have a enormous iTunes collection and is paraplegic. She first appears in the second book. In the third book, she joins Nikki's Band and is shown to be a talented piano player and has won some piano competitions. She is in a wheel chair for reasons yet to be explained.

In Book 3

In Book 3, Violet becomes part of the entertainment committee for the talent show. She later enters the talent show.